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Logistics Solutions

Complete logistics solutions that allow your business to operate more effectively

Murphy is an industry-leading Third-Party Logistics Company, based out of Minneapolis, MN, and Kansas City, MO providing logistics solutions to our customers in the Midwest and throughout North America. Our core business is specialized logistics and value-added distribution, backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure and a vast network of freight brokerage partners. We promise close customer service at each stage of the order fulfillment process, providing real-time updates so you can make crucial decisions in time.

Murphy warehousing and transport management teams maintain the uniqueness of each supply chain by customizing distribution services according to the needs of the shipper. Our shippers have access to dedicated freight corridors and millions of square feet of specialized warehousing space to get the fastest lead time and ensure smooth scalability solutions.

We are the only private logistics company in Minneapolis to operate a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) for inbound logistics, giving importers a chance to meet customs regulations before official entry. With Murphy as your long-term logistics partner, you get to access one of the best rail siding facilities in the United States and a wide range of tailored services in the logistics industry.

3PL Brokerage

In addition to our own fleet of Murphy trucks, our committed capacity brokerage allows us to focus on your supply chain solutions and transportation needs throughout all North America. We do this by leveraging our relationships with committed carriers.

Asset Based Carrier

Our sister fleet, Murphy Warehouse Company provides top notch service for local deliveries. Our drivers operate on-time, every time. With delivery zones to within four hours of Murphy’s warehouses, the team’s efficiency is hard to beat! 


Murphy is one of the largest commercial rail transloading providers in the Upper Midwest. We handle nearly 10,000 rail cars per year, unloading between 300,000 – 900,000 tons of freight annually. We have nearly 1.5 million square feet of rail accessible storage within the Twin Cities metropolitan area and Kansas City. In fact, all Murphy rail docks and storage facilities are located within a one to five-mile radius from every major rail line.

Custom Distribution

There’s no “one size fits all” in the logistics industry. That’s why we work with every customer to ensure that we have the right program for you. Our expert warehouse employees pick, pack and ship orders efficiently and effectively to customers large and small.

U.S. Customs

Murphy operates both a Central Examination Station (CES) and the Midwest International Logistics Center (MILC) in the Minneapolis, St. Paul Metro area. We provide customers with a safe environment for all US Customs-related activities in the Midwest.


As part of the Murphy family of companies, Murphy Rigging and Erecting Inc. specializes in the precision installation and movement of heavy/robust items. With the same devotion to quality customer service as its sister company, Murphy Rigging and Erecting offers industry-leading service for the most complex and precise hauling, installation, millwright, and rigging projects.